Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A couple of new links

Today I have invested my "blog time" into a little blog up-keep (which is different from blog up-chuck). I have included a couple of new links, and I have reformatted how my links appear on the sidebar. I just felt a little strange having the Late Show Top Ten right right under some more edifying reading material.

The new links that I have included are pretty useful tools for the Jonathan Edwards follower. The first is Yale's newer sight containing quite a few valuable resources. I have been on the "beta testing team" for about a year for this site, but unfortunately the resources are not being released at the pace originally hoped for. There is a pretty interesting video on the process of transcribing Edwards' manuscripts (I can understand why it takes so long ot put new resources out). Anyway, give it a look; see what you think.

I have also put on the link list. I was going there so much that I just figured I would put it here. This is a very valuable sight for attaining some of Edwards' most popular sermons. The only thing weird about this site is the DTS (Dallas Theological Seminary) stuff near the bottom of the page. Apparently the author has some sort of vested interested in DTS.

Finally, I have updated my link to Phil Johnson's blog-Pyromaniac. It is now the Pyromaniacs, and my link now reflects that change.


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