Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What is up with this?

I came across this Sermonvia James White, and his web-site. Let me give you the 411 on it before you just skip over the link. This is a sermon delivered in the Vatican before the pope on salvation by faith alone. Here is an excerpt of the message:

"Gratuitous justification through faith in Christ is the heart" of St. Paul's preaching "and it is a shame that this has been practically absent from the ordinary preaching of the church..."

I am not sure what to make of this. I would love to hear the opinion of a Catholic on what this message means. To be frank, I already know that the terms "faith" and "grace" mean something totally different to the Catholic church than to Reformed Christianity.

This message does not bridge the gap between Catholicism and Reformed Christianity! But it is interesting; I have never heard anything like this come out of the Vatican. The right charge has been made (see above quote), but I would like to hear the solution to the problem.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This an easy one.
Father was talking about, you can't put the cart before the horse......

or our works are santified as result of our love for Christ.

or because of our love for Christ the right works are done in His honer.

or our response to Christ's love is in pursuit of holiness, or our holy works are produced out of holy love.

or yet another way to say it is....
Our love for Christ carries a responsabilty to manifest God's charity(charitas) in our world.

31/7/06 10:00 PM  

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