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End of the Spear: The story of a people reached

"End of the Spear"

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending an advanced preview of a movie that will come out in theatres on January 20th. The Movie is titled "End of the Spear" and it is based on a true story. For those of you who are familiar with the life of Jim Elliot this will be a familiar story. The Movie centers around the tribe that those missionaries worked with in South America. It really is an amazing film, and it needs our support. I know what you are thinking, yeah right the story of Jim Elliot in theatres. But it is true, and it will be happening on January 20th.

The movie was produce by an independent film company called Every Tribe Entertainment. Along with Every Tribe Steve Saint, son of Nate Saint Missionary to South America and one of the main characters in the movie, had hand in the production of this film.

Let me give you an idea of what to expect.

You will be given a first hand account of what happen in the South American jungle when 5 missionary families reached and unreached people. The movie does not sugar coat what happen in that jungle; this is why it is rated pg-13. There are some very violent scenes in the movie that portray accurately the depravity of man. All though the movie did have a few violent scene ETE used discretion in what they showed and what was implied. There was no sexual content (although the tribal indians were dresses as tribal indians), and there was no inappropriate language.

At no point does the movie explicitly walk verse by verse through the "Romans Road," but the gospel message is there. This is an emotional movie that may move you to tears, and help you understand what heroes our missionaries are.

Why should you go?

There are quite a few reasons that paying the $7 bucks to go see this movie will be the best thing that you could do with you $7. First of all it will be entertaining. It is exciting, well written, and well acted. Second, I know that it is just a movie but it will be to your spiritual benefit if it only reminds you to pray for the missionaries that your church supports. Third, if you thought that "The Passion of the Christ" was an evangelistic opportunity this is even better. Fourth, half of all the proceeds will go to the ministry that is still in South America. And finally, I think that by supporting this and other family oriented movies we are making a statement to movie makers that we don't want to see gay cowboys on our screens.

ETE does not have a large budget for advertising and they are depending on us to promote the movie through word of mouth. So, plan on seeing and tell everyone about it.

*Without question I plan on reminding you about this movie we move closer and closer to the release date.*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's all fine and dandy. Do you know that one of the stars in "End of the Spear" is very much gay?
Look up Chad Allen and see what you find.

11/1/06 2:27 AM  
Blogger Paul said...


I am glad that you think that it is all fine and dandy (actually it doesn't look like you think that way at all).
I know perfectly well who Chad Allen is. I am not sure what the Lord has done in his life (are you?), but from what I know he is a homosexual.
I do think that because he is not a believer then he cannot understand what happened in that jungle completely. But it is not really about Allen being gay. If there is any problem it is that he is not a believer. All unbelievers, gay or not, have been blinded to the truth and are all at emnity with God. What if one of the camera men wasn't a believer, or a stunt man, or an editor? Does that matter to you.

Was the guy who worked at the printing press where your bible was printed a believer? It doesn't matter because it didn't change anything about your bible.
I can assure you that Allen's sexual orientation is not a part of this movie. The movie is not perfect (it is not Scripture), but it is a great story of God's work that could be a great opportunity to share the gospel with someone.


11/1/06 7:41 AM  

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