Wednesday, December 07, 2005

December 7th, 1941

64 years ago today the U.S. Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was attacked by nearly 200 Japanese aircraft in a raid that lasted just over one hour and left nearly 3,000 dead. Many of us will go through our today without thinking about the significance of Dec 7th. But to many this day will never be forgotten. To those who were there, to those who lost a loved one there, and to those who never had the opportunity to meet a loved lost there Dec 7th will never be forgotten.

My Great Grandfather, Grandaddy, was not there, but he will always remind me of the importance of this date. It was this one
act that took a reluctantly involved Nation and pushed it into WWII. From this date forward we were no longer friends of the allies, we were the allies. Grandaddy was not there, but he was at Normandy. And after Normandy he signed up again and went to the Pacific front. Grandaddy knew what was right, and he fought for it. He was not at Pearl Harbor but it changed the course of his entire life.

Don't just let today go by. Remember all that God has done for us, particularly today remember all that God has done for us
through the military. Remember the men and women who had the courage to face an awesome evil and defeat it. Let the great sacrifices of those before us remind you of what U.S. forces are currently doing. They are facing an awesome evil, and all they want is to defeat it.


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