Friday, December 02, 2005


Well today I am post from a rather unusual place; Marion, Illinois. For a Florida boy like myself it is rather cool up here. I am here with my wife and her parents visiting extended family.

It was quite a trip to get up here...

It all started when our plane was delayed for a couple of hours because they spilled jet-fuel while filling up the tank. While we were waiting for them to foam down the runway, and eventually move our plane to a different gate, my father-in-law became very sick. Sick enough to try and move our tickets to Sat instead of today. The only problem was that it was too late to get our luggage off of the plane. Long story short here we are in Ill and my father-in-law is at home.

When we finally left we were runnig quite a bit behind. This made it very difficult to make our connection in Atlanta. But we made it, and squeezed into a commuter jet (it was a tight squeeze). Finally we made to our destination. The only problem was that we didn't have directions to get to our hotel. We extended the two hour trip from the airport to the hotel by a little bit. But we are here, and here they have a very fast internet connection.

While all of these was going on I had a good opportunity to do some reading. We had planned on a short trip so I only brought 1 book on the plane, and I checked the rest of my reading material in my luggage. This proved to be a mistake. With all of the delays I finished my book well ahead of time.

If you are curious I finished reading James White's book "Scripture Alone." It was a profitable read. There were quite a few sections that were example of dialogue; this made it a little redundant at times. However, it did give me some talking points when I am conversing with someone who might be hostile to biblical doctrine.

I am moving on tonight to Boice's "Whatever Happened To The Gospel Of Grace? Rediscovering The Doctrines That Shook The World." I will let you know how that worked out.

By the way congratulations to Jeffrey Wells. Jeffrey plays DT & OL for the State Champion Evangel Christian Chargers. Jeff's team went 11-4 and won their first State Championship today with a 49 to 22 victory. I wish that I could have been their Jeffrey; you'll have to repeat so that I can make it next year.


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