Monday, February 13, 2006

Every Thought Captive

Today I will continue to outline the major ideas from the Pratt book "Every Thought Captive." Really all that I am posting are my own personal thoughts cultivated by reading this book.


In the model for biblical apologetics the Christian apologist should first admit his faith in God’s Word, and dependence upon it as revealed truth. Secondly he should actually use the Bible to defend his faith. In addition to this he can use external evidences, and personal experiences to present the truth of the Christian world view within the context of a biblical perspective. When showing the non-Christian his foolishness it is important first to show them that they are not neutral, but instead have rejected God to depend on their own autonomous reasoning. Pointing out the circular and biased reasoning of the non-Christian will be the goal of the Christian apologist no matter what the subject. The non-Christian always reasons based on his biases against God, and his faith in his own reasoning ability.

The method of biblical apologetics, presented by Pratt in Every Thought Captive, is aimed at destroying the speculations which are raised against the knowledge of God, and taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. It would be unchristian to think that an apologist could accomplish this task apart from Scripture. The evidences, and arguments that a Christian apologist presents must be rooted in Scripture. Therefore key to biblical apologetics is to depend upon the presuppositions of Scripture, and point out the inferior presuppositions that the non-Christian thinker holds to. Other apologetic methods try to show that it is possible by means of reason to come the conclusion of the Christian God from a neutral perspective. However this fails in two ways. It fails to recognize the noetic effect that sin has had on the reasoning of men, and fails to recognize that there is no neutral perspective by which to reason things out. Not to mention, that makes human reasoning the judge of Scripture. Instead of relying on the faulty reasoning of man the Christian apologist should rely on God’s written and inspired word. The only way to be completely Christian in your method of apologetics is to depend on Scripture. If the Christian apologist does not depend on Scripture, God’s revelation of Himself, he is depending on his own independent reasoning just as the non-Christian would choose to do. It is important that the Christian apologist does not depend upon human reason to defend his faith. This is unbiblical, and as the post-modern era gains strength, reasoning will be of little use for the non-Christian thinker. Biblical apologetics is the only way to wholly depend upon God. And dependence upon God is the only way to destroy the speculations which are raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.


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