Friday, July 08, 2005

Wisdom From God

James 1:5

We are to consider it all joy when we face trials because God is working in our lives for good. He is testing our faith with refiner’s fire so that He can accomplish His purpose in our lives. God is working through the trials of your life to accomplish His purpose of salvation in your life that you may be complete in Christ. God accomplishes His purpose in our lives through the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit works in our life by renewing our minds through the Word of God. And when we are letting God work in our lives, no matter what our situation may be, we will lack nothing. But for those of us who lack the wisdom to always see things from this perspective James has advice. His advices is simple: ask God in faith for the wisdom that you need. For those of us who are lacking our source of completion and wholeness is God.

If anyone lacks the wisdom to understand what James has explained about trials, or lacks the wisdom to apply what James has explained about trials he should ask God for enlightenment. Calvin said it this way: “If this doctrine is higher than what your minds can reach to, ask the Lord to illuminate you by his Spirit.” And what is this high doctrine? It is the idea that God is working for our good even in trials. In order for the believer to see his trials in a true light he needs wisdom. If we are going to profit spiritually from our trials then we need to understand that God is at work in them. James knew that trials often overwhelm even the godly and create struggles that can only be resolved by God given wisdom. This is where wisdoms starts. The first step in gaining the wisdom that is needed in the midst of trials is a consciousness that we need wisdom. The degree of wisdom that is needed may vary from person to person, and from trial to trial but we all need it. At times we all find our self in situations asking ourselves “why me?” when we should be thanking the Lord for the work that He is doing. When a mother of two dies and leaves behind two young children we are left scratching our heads. We wonder why, and at that moment need the wisdom of God. The wise man understands that he is morally accountable to God for how he thinks, and what he does. The thought of this accountability is what prompts him to turn to God for wisdom. A sense of spiritual poverty is a blessing when it leads us to God. It is God who gives wisdom, and it is the fear of the Lord that is the beginning of wisdom. Biblical wisdom is more than just knowledge, it is practical living. It is how the godly can both discern and carry out the will of God even in the midst of trials. It is our spiritual wisdom that leads us to hold onto our faith when everything else is being taken from us. Our faith is not based on feelings but on the knowledge and understanding of God’s truth which is spiritual wisdom.

The source of our spiritual wisdom is the God who gives generously to all without reproach. It should go without saying that trials should enhance our prayer life as we turn to the Lord for wisdom. In Matt 7:7-11 Christ reminds us that our heavenly Father will provide for our needs if we will only ask Him. The Lord desires to impart divine wisdom unto you, but you must be willing to seek it. In Proverbs 2:2-5 we see that if we seek wisdom we will find it in the fear of the Lord. God has an abundance of wisdom, and is more than willing to impart it onto us if we will only ask. It is not something the Lord will impress on an unwilling heart. God will give to all, and by all James means all who ask. And what we see here is that God’s response to our prayers is based on His character. God gives generously, and He gives without reproach. Generously stands in opposition to double-minded in verse 8. While this man sways back and forth God is single-minded in His giving. His motive is to further the welfare of the asker through divine wisdom. Do not be afraid to come to the Lord too often for God gives generously, and God gives without reproach. The believer should never be afraid to ask God for wisdom, as if God would scold us for not already having all the wisdom that we need. God is ever ready to add new blessings to old blessings, without any end or limitation. Without hesitation God will provide what you need for His purpose to be accomplished in your life in a way that will not humiliate you. God’s generosity is not based on who we are, but rather it is based on His grace. God’s generosity is based on the work of Christ; and now, because God sees the accomplished work of Christ when he looks at us, we can go boldly before the throne of God with our needs.


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