Friday, June 24, 2005

One more Sports Post

They Got Duncan the Ball

Well I hate to say I told you so (see below), but Duncan came through and now has more hardware than your local Home Depot. And oh what a sports world we live in. The same analyst who were ready to put Duncan in the casket on Wednesday are ready to put him in the Hall of Fame today. Wednesday's Sports Center ran something like this: "Where is that bum Duncan?" and "Billups is the greatest clutch player in Detroit history." Whoops!

On a more serious note yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that your local government can excercise immanent domain to replace your property with private property. In other words if your local government decides it would be better for a Super Wal-Mart to be on your property than your house you are out. All your local government has to say is "economic development." In the past the government had the power of immanent domain for the purpose of government use. In other word if they need two more lanes they can tear down your house. I am very familiar with this law. The house that I grew up in is now the right hand lane of a four lane road. There was not much we could say about it either. I guess it is not so bad, they really needed those extra lanes, but if there was a Wal-Mart there I am not sure that I would feel the same way.

In another scary case the Supreme Court will be ruling on public displays of the Ten Commandments. This should be scary to you no matter what your religious views are. In effect the Supreme Court will soon be ruling on whether or not religion has any valid place in the public eye. The problem with this is that even no religion is a religion. If we exclude the Christian World View then we promote a Humanistic World View. I am not even sure what to look for in this ruling, but I have to remind myself that it is in the Lord's hands not matter what (Can I say that? Or is that a public display of religion?)

Now you don't have to read the Paper, you are caught up with sports and news.


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