Thursday, June 23, 2005

Deep Theological post...

I have something deep and theological to....

To be honest with you all I can think about right now is game 7 of the NBA Finals. This is why you are reading about basketball instead of deep theological insight. If the Spurs had just finished the Pistons off when they had the chance I could concentrate on writing a post dealing with the deep issues of life. Oh well, basketball it is.

The question is can the Piston finish off the series like they finished off game 6. The Spurs were able to hang around for 3 quarters, but when it came down to it the Pistons knew how to finish them off. Now Tim Duncan is taking all kinds of criticism for the loss. Some are even questioning his legacy as a player. The problem Tuesday night was not Duncan. In his typical fashion Duncan has a double double, and dominated the boards. If you are looking for Duncan to make a "show" of it (i.e. his counterpart Rasheed Wallace) don't hold your breath. Duncan is going to play within the offense and spread the ball around. The problem is if he doesn't get the ball he can't win the game.

I guess that is enough of the SportsCenter act. I will save the rest of my sports writing for the baseball season. And if anyone knows Chris Berman go ahead and forward this to him, I really don't mind if he uses my stuff.

*Baseball Tonight immediately following SportsCenter*


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