Monday, June 27, 2005

Don't stop for a cup of Coffee while the house is on fire

This is highly irregular, however...

It is my suggestion that you stop reading what I have to say immediately and follow the link on the title to Phil Johnson's blog Pyromaniac. As we speak smoke is billowing from and you need to check and see what is on fire.

If you are still here I will continue (but you should be gone by now). Phil Johnson is the right hand man of sorts for the Well-known Pastor John MacArthur. However, if Phil's blogspot continues to grow he may become Phil Johnson, that guy with the blog. As of yet he has not actually lit anyone on fire (all of his detractors seem to be doing that without his help). One of Phil's most recent hobbies has been talking to Fundamentalist. In a lecture given at the annual Shepherd's Conference (March '05) Johnson gave an apt description of the Fundamentalist movement. Unfortunately for the fundamentalist He was right in proclaiming the movement to be dead. This ruffled some feathers in Detroit where Dave Doran and Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary is attempting to revive the movement. The correspondence (also seen on has been slightly redundant. It goes something like this:

Phil: The fundamentalist movement no longer exists as it originally was intended.

Detroit: Evangelicals are really bad.

Phil: I know we did a lecture on that as well, but what does that have to do with the death of the fundamentalist movement?

Detroit: I don't even know what an evangelical is anymore.

(so on and so forth)

I little more of this and Phil will be able to write the next best selling book: How to talk to a fundamentalist: If you must (sorry Ann Coulter).

This is just one of the fires burning at Phil's Blog. If "flaming fundys" aren't what you are looking for don't worry there is plenty of fire to go around.


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