Friday, July 15, 2005

Casual Friday

We have made it Friday. That is something to celebrate, and so I have decided that on my blog we are going to celebrate Friday the way millions of people all across the U.S. do; we are going to observe casual Friday.

  • Today my wife and I will be celebrating our six month anniversary. Its not 50, but you have to start somewhere. And like any self respecting husband would I have made dinner plans, and of course sang Fred Flintstones “happy anniversary song” to my wife. If you are not familiar with the song it goes something like this: “happy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary, Hap-----py anniversary!” (insert tune to lone ranger and sing). But in all seriousness, the fact that my wife and I have made it this far is a testament to her godly attitude toward marriage and toward me. I love you dear.

  • Last night I became very frustrated. This year the British Open is at St. Andrews (the home of Golf), Tiger Woods is in the lead, this is Jack’s last Major Tournament, , and SportsCenter barely covered it. I want 24 hour coverage. I guess I will just have to dream about that day when we can afford the golf channel. I think that tomorrow I will go buy a blank tape so that I can watch all of Sunday’s action Sunday night after church.

  • A few weeks ago I was minding my own business, not looking for any controversy, when out popped a KJV only tract. Now I don’t have the fire power to burn any buildings down over the issue (see Pyromaniac, ), however it urked me just enough to inquire further. This little book, filled with lies and spilling over with hate, ranted and raved about the NIV (according to author niv stands for “Not Inspired Version” and should be changed to “HIV”). Finally in his conclusion the author penned these words: “The King James 1611 Version is the preserved Word of God for English speaking people. It has won more souls (blood pressure rising) and changed more lives (face turning red) than any other Bible (teeth gritting) that has ever been published. We don’t need new translations or new versions so-called, we need to use the one God has given us, The King James Bible.” I found these in the break room of a part time job that I have. I was pretty upset that people were actually reading this drabble. I went to the powers that be, and eventually these little booklets found their way into the trash. But the problem is that this guy is still out there, and I am sure he is preaching the same way that he writes. I do not wish to give his name out, but you know the type. I think the things that bothered me the most were: his ignorance of history (in a good example of his ignorance he wrote that the 1611 version was the inspired version, but quoted from a later edition of KJV), and his mind-bending use of the Greek.

  • *One final note for Casual Friday* For those of you who have noticed Phil Johnson’s flourishing blog, I am sure that you have also noticed Phil’s blogspotting. Well I am not one of those blogspotting cherry-pickers but I must admit that I am a little jealous that my pal over at Pix from the Pulpit got blogspotted after posting one blog and letting it sit for a couple of weeks.


Blogger Chris Pixley said...

O.K. It seems as if you got your blogspot--albeit through some back-handed cerry-picking, if you ask me!

16/7/05 1:43 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

If you make fun of the cherry-pickers then no one notices you hanging out with them

16/7/05 10:52 AM  

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