Monday, February 20, 2006

An Update on Dr. Morris

Here is the latest update on Dr. Henry Morris from ICR:

"As of now, things are moving slowly in the rehab center. Dr. Morris is in good spirits and insists on doing as much work as ICR can provide him. He has very little control of his legs while standing, although in bed he can move, flex, and exercise them. He still has no sense of balance and gets nauseated when standing.

Thankfully, the treatment has shown less damage than at first thought and perhaps more improvement than usual in this short time. It seems your prayers are being answered! Dr. Morris has enjoyed all the visits and appreciates your concern. There is no radio or TV in the room, and he seems to like it that way. He mainly lies in bed and reflects on God’s goodness and occupies his time in prayer. He also has been witnessing to everyone who comes in, and has passed out Bibles to many of the staff."

You can read this update in its entirety at:
ICR Update


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