Friday, October 14, 2005

A Few Thoughts on the Bible

Paul's Bibliology

I believe that the Bible is the complete inerrant, and infallible Word of God. These Holy Scriptures that have been preserved by God are to be received as authoritative. God chose to progressively use the language of his creatures in order to reveal himself to mankind. However, the later revelation (NT) never corrects or contradicts any earlier (OT) revelation. The means of the inspiration of Scripture, which was done by the Spirit through the human writers, remains largely a mystery to man. This inspiration applies solely to the autographic text of Scripture which no longer exist, but by the providence of God they can be retrieved from the extant manuscripts with remarkable accuracy. And the current copies of the Scripture are affirmed to be the Word of God in so much that they faithfully represent the original autographs.

Scripture is inspired by God. It is infallible, and it’s teachings are true and reliable so that it will not mislead anyone away from the truth. The very purpose of Scripture is to instruct men and lead them to God. It is God, through the Spirit, who uses Scripture as means by which to lead men to salvation. He also, through the Spirit, uses Scripture to conform his people to the image of Christ sanctifying them unto their salvation. God has made Scripture a tool for teaching His people doctrine, and consequently how they are to live. Because of God’s nature He could not fail in his attempt to inspire a book that is infallible to teach and lead his people. Consequently Scripture is infallible just as God intended for it to be.

Also, because of the inspiration of God, Scripture is entirely inerrant and without fault.
Although Scripture is intended to be a book about the redemptive history man for the purpose of instructing, and leading men it is also free from any error of fact. Even though the Bible is not intended to be a rule for science, geography, or history it is free from error concerning these topics. Because God is the creator of truth, and the interpreter of all facts He could not inspire a book that contained errors.

Due to the infallibility, and inerrancy of Scripture it is fully authoritative as our sole rule for practice and faith. The Spirit of God uses the words from Scripture to accomplish eternal results. For this reason it is necessary for the entire word of God be taught aptly with Spirit-enlightened accuracy, and a literal-historical-grammatical interpretation. It is important that various literary forms, and genres are considered when interpreting. And a specific texts must always be interpreted in light of the redemptive meta-narrative of Scripture. The application of Scripture should manifest itself in the areas of both practical living, and systematic theology. I stand upon the shoulders of the great reformers and proclaim sola scriptura.


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