Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tuesday Sports Short: Zone Defense

In 1972 the West Coast Christian College pioneered a new zone defense that few would be able to execute. The WCCC Knights were taking on the University of California at Santa Cruz in a basketball game for the ages. As the game progressed the WCCC Knights built up a commanding lead, and victory seemed immanent. With just over two minutes left in the game the Knight led the Sea Lions of Santa Cruz by the score of 70-57. There was one problem; the Knights were in serious foul trouble.

“What is the big deal?” “How much foul trouble could they possibly be in?”

Every single player on the Knights team had fouled out of the game, with the one exception of guard Mike Lockhart. Mike was the only player left on the court, and Mike was one foul away from disqualification. Obviously the Knights played a very aggressive style of basketball!

“We started the game in a tandem zone,” Lockhart explained after the game, “then we went to a straight two-three zone. After we were down to four guys we used a two-two box. Then- with three players- a one-tow diamond. Then- with two players- a one-one zone. Finally a one”

I am not sure what makes this story more incredible, the fact that guys continued to foul out with a huge lead knowing that the team was in foul trouble is mind boggling. But, the fact that Lockhart was only out scored 10-5 by the five Santa Cruz players during the games final two minutes is rather remarkable as well. That’s right, Lockhart single-handedly held on to a secure a 75-67 Knights' victory. So next time you are coaching that youth basketball team don't forget about the undefeated "one zone."


Blogger Morgan said...

Hahaha, I've never heard that story before. That's hilarious!

20/9/05 2:31 PM  
Anonymous David said...

Has anyone been able to dig up any further details on this game? For example, how did Lockhart inbounds the ball after a basket and how did he score?

8/8/06 6:06 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

NO idea. The bigger question is how did you dig up a post from Sept 05.

8/8/06 10:40 PM  

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